Radha Mohan 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Radha feels bad for her family.

Radha Mohan 22nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, everyone goes to Radha’s house. Gungun says the house is beautiful, just like the homes she has seen in movies in small towns. She asks for directions to her room. Grandma says that everyone can only fit in one room. Radha says that they can all sleep together.

Ajeet offers to read Bedtime Stories to Gungun. Ketki says that she can rub Gungun’s head. Mohan tells Gungun that they are a family and will do everything together. Gungun says that it feels like a fun family trip and gives Mohan a big hug. Rahul says in a whisper that it feels more like being locked up.

Radha Mohan 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Damini looks at a picture of the Trivedi family in the meantime. Bhushan asks what she should do next. Damini says that to beat the Trivedis, they must split them up. She wants to go after Rahul first. She looks at a doll and considers sending it to him as a gift. Radha cooks, and the rest of the family makes beds. Gungun is what Mohan plays with. Radha asks Rameshwar when they are going to get more food.

Damini says that Kadambari is her next target. Kaveri tells her that she should also help Radha’s family. Damini says that Rameshwar will get in trouble for having Radha. She says that Gungun is her last goal. Bhushan agrees with her idea. Damini thinks that Radha and Mohan will lose hope if they see their family in trouble. Radha and Tulsi are happy to see Mohan and Gungun playing together. Tulsi says that family, not money, is the key to happiness.

When Kadambari tries to sit on the bed, she hurts her knee and screams in pain. Everyone comes running to help. Radha remembers that Damini told him Kadambari can’t deal with being poor. Radha goes into the kitchen and starts to cry. Mohan comes along. Radha says that they can’t forget that the family is having trouble.

Mohan tries to make her feel better by telling her that the happiness she brings is more important than money. He chooses to fight Damini back. Radha wants to go back to how her family used to live. They smile at each other, but neither knows that someone is watching.


In this episode, the Trivedi family gets used to living in Radha’s small home in the village. Members of the family offer to tell stories and give massages to show how close they are. But Rahul feels trapped and compares the situation to being in jail.

In the meantime, Damini, a bad person, plans to split up the Trivedi family and take over. She goes after Rahul and Kadambari because she thinks they are weak and that breaking up the family will make it easier to beat Radha and Mohan.

Back at home, Radha and Mohan find comfort and happiness in their family, even though they are having trouble making ends meet. But when Kadambari gets hurt, Radha remembers how weak her family is and starts to cry. Mohan makes her feel better by promising to fight Damini.

The episode shows both how close a family is and how danger is close at hand. It shows how hard it is for the Trivedi family to adjust to their new life and how important it is to stick together. The episode also sets up a fight between the family and Damini that will happen soon. Overall, it has a good mix of feelings, suspense, and how families work.

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