Radha Mohan 24th September 2023 Written Update: Radha slaps Rahul.

Radha Mohan 24th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Mohan wants to tell Kadambari that Damini is behind the attack. Radha stops him and says that the family is already scared, so don’t tell them about Damini. Gungun says that Rahul is in a lot of pain. Rahul will be fine, Ketki reassures her.

Kaveri tells Damini that she should have told her about the attack plan. She couldn’t open a bottle, so Bhushan gave her a hand. People drink and dance. Damini says that this is only the beginning and that Gungun is her next target. She wants to hurt Mohan’s family to hurt him.

Radha Mohan 24th September 2023 Written Update

The next day, Ketki told Gungun that a doctor was looking after Rahul. Gungun asks what would have happened if something had also fallen on them. Ketki tells her that won’t be the case. A person who sells toys stops by. Ketki stops Gungun from going to him even though she wants to. He gives Gungun a toy and tells him it’s on the house. Ketki tells Gungun not to accept presents from people he doesn’t know. But the man says that when he was a child, he gave Radha toys, so he thinks Radha and Gungun are the same.

Gungun can take the doll because Ketki lets him. They walk in. When the toy seller takes off his hat, it’s clear that he hurt Rahul. He calls Damini to tell her that the job is finished. Kaveri wants to know why Damini gave Gungun the doll. Damini says that the doll will give the family trouble.

The doctor treats Rahul. Rahul should not have been rude to Dadi, Mohan tells Rahul. Radha tells Mohan to give up because Rahul is hurting. Outside, Rameshwar talks to the doctor and tells him he will pay later. The doctor says everything is fine because he thinks of Radha as his daughter.

Mohan is upset when he sees this. Radha asks him if he is sad. He says he’s sad they can’t pay the doctor right now. She gives him hope by telling him things will get better. When they hear a noise, they go inside.

Mohan is useless, Rahul tells Kadambari. He says that Mohan said he was sad after Tulsi’s death and didn’t go to work. He only went to work because Radha told him to, but he didn’t do anything. Rahul says that Mohan is to blame for their problems and calls him useless. Rahul gets hit by Radha.

Radha Mohan 24th September 2023 Episode Review

This exciting episode reveals many secrets and plans, making the tension very high. Mohan wants to tell everyone about Damini’s bad plans, but Radha stops him because she fears it will worry their family even more. Damini celebrates her bad deeds with Kaveri and Bhushan and hints that Gungun is in for more trouble.

Rahul is hurt, and Mohan has to pay for his care, which adds to his emotional stress. A toy seller looks like a nice stranger, but he works for Damini and attacks Rahul. The episode shows family relationships and moral dilemmas, like how Ketki warns Rameshwar not to accept gifts from strangers and how Rameshwar deals with the doctor’s fees with humility.

In the end, Rahul says that Mohan is to blame for their family’s problems, leading to a dramatic scene where Radha slaps him. The episode is a whirlwind of feelings, intrigue, and impending disaster, making people want to know what comes next.

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