Radha Mohan 29th September 2023 Written Update: Mohan troubles Damini.

Radha Mohan 29th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Ketki opens her beauty shop. Vishwanath gives her praise. Radha says a prayer for Ketki to do well. Damini is looking at this. She calls someone else and says the Trivedis are trying to make money. Next, she plans to go after Ajeet and Ketki.

Kaveri, on the other hand, is laughing at her phone. Mohan throws trash at her on purpose, but he acts like it was an accident. She takes a broom from him and says she will teach him how to clean. She begins to sweep, and he stands there and eats fruit. He gives her some fruit when she’s tired. She figures out that he is tricking her. When Mohan sees Damini, he spills water on purpose to make her trip and scream in pain.

Radha Mohan 29th September 2023 Written Update

The Trivedi wait for people to come in. Ketki thinks that maybe she shouldn’t have opened a beauty shop. A woman walks in and asks if this is a brand-new beauty shop. Radha gives her water and tells her that Ketki has been through a lot. Radha leaves the room when the woman asks for a facial.

Mohan tries to trip Mohit and Bhushan up by putting flower pots on their feet. He says he’s sorry and offers to help, but they don’t want his help and ask him to leave. The woman asks Gungun for water and Ketki for ice. Then, she puts black powder on her face and screams that Ketki is using bad products. Ketki says no to this. The woman tells Ketki that she will call the police on him. Radha tells her not to do it.

When Kadambari gets there, she knows the woman as someone who has hurt her before. The other women know who she is, too. Tulsi and Radha stop the woman from running away. When the police show up, the woman runs away. Even though he wants to, Damini tells Mohan not to do more chores. He offers to make tea, but Kaveri says she will do it. Inside, Mohan has a plan to annoy Damini and her friends.

Radha Mohan 29th September 2023 Episode Review

Drama, suspense, and humour all come together in this episode. It’s about Ketki’s attempt to open a beauty shop and her problems, especially with a customer who lies to her. Mohan’s antics are funny, even if some of his tricks, like making Damini trip or fooling Kaveri, are close to being mean.

The fact that the customer’s past mistakes come as a surprise adds to the suspense. Overall, the episode shows the ups and downs of the characters’ daily lives. The plot focuses on trust, lying, and helping each other out.

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