Radha Mohan Written Update 18th October 2023 Written Update: Mohan recalls the moments he shared with Radha.

Radha Mohan Written Update 18th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Radha talking to Lord Krishna. She tells him about her worry for Mohan and Gungun. Radha reminds him of how he helped others in the past and begs him to help now. She’s very upset and says she might harm herself if they get hurt.

In another scene, Damini tries to get close to Mohan. Mohan remembers Radha and tries to avoid Damini. Damini decorates the room and tries to be romantic, but Mohan notices a knife nearby.

Radha prays hard for Gungun and Mohan. Even though she’s not Gungun’s real mom, she loves him very much. While praying, she almost falls but a woman saves her. This woman is named Krishna. She offers Radha money to help in a contest. Radha is hesitant but accepts it for Mohan’s safety. The woman, Krishna Kashyap, then reveals she has her own reasons for giving the money. She wants Radha to travel to Maldives.

Meanwhile, Damini offers Mohan a deal with a cheque. She wants him to do something for her first. On the other side, Radha pays the doctor with the cheque she got and then calls Mohan.

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