Radha Mohan 20th September 2023 Written Update: Radha challenges Damini.

Radha Mohan 20th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, The Trivedi family is shocked to see Bhushan and Mohit. Radha asks what they’re doing there. Mohan says it’s not surprising because of the kind of people who are gathering. Kaveri is glad to see Bhushan again, and she tells the Trivedi family to leave. After they leave, she opens the door to Bhushan.

When Bhushan and Mohit come in, Bhushan tells Mohan that Radha is why he was kicked out of the house. He says that he now feels like a king inside. Mohan says it’s just a building and doesn’t care what happens there.

Radha Mohan 20th September 2023 Written Update

Damini says that she has never seen anyone as lazy as Mohan in all the years she has been running the business. She says that his actions will hurt the Trivedi family. She keeps talking like this, so Tulsi tells her to stop.

Radha warns Damini to watch what she says. She says she won’t stand for anyone being mean to Mohan. She thinks they’ll get their house back and that Damini must pay for what she did. Then, Damini breaks the house sign for the Trivedis. She thinks back to times when Mohan and Radha were around.

Radha tells Mohan to let Damini do what she wants because she thinks Damini will have to deal with the results. Damini changes the name of the house by putting up a new sign. Radha tells her that they will come back and dares her. Damini doesn’t like how sure of herself Radha is. She thinks that Radha won’t get the house and will have to live on the street. Radha says nice things about Mohan and makes fun of Damini.

Damini tells Radha that it might be easy for her to live without luxuries, but the Trivedi family can’t. She says they are scum. Mohan says that his family’s love and support make him rich, not money. He thinks that Damini is the one who is really in need.


The episode is about the fight between the Trivedi family and Damini. It shows how family ties are more important than money. When Bhushan and Mohit show up, they catch the Trivedis by surprise. As Damini takes over the Trivedi home, she doesn’t realize how strong the family bonds are, especially the one between Radha and Mohan.

The episode’s theme is the difference between real wealth (love and support from family) and material possessions. Mohan says touchingly that his family is his real treasure, which makes Damini, even though she took over, the poor one. This episode has tension, drama, and a clear challenge for the future.

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