Radha Mohan Written Update 4th October 2023 Written Update: Mohan learns Radha Much Trust Him.

Radha Mohan Written Update 4th October 2023 Written Update: The episode starts with Radha telling Mohan they need to be careful about Gungun. She asks Mohan why he’s so busy that he can’t even talk to his family. She remembers the problems with Kadambari, Ketki, and Rahul and says Mohan might need to help them soon. She wants to know where he works.

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Gungun asks Radha to stop talking. A security guard gives water to Mohan, who signals to provide some to Radha. Gungun hands water to Radha. Radha says they don’t have enough money and asks Mohan to accompany them to the auto-rickshaw. They leave.

Radha Mohan Written Update 4th October 2023 Written Update

Radha thinks about the video Rahul showed her. Gungun tells Mohan she’s okay. Radha remembers Mohan telling her about his job and not taking lunch from her. She also remembers shouting at him and wonders why she’s mad at him. She believes it’s Damini who’s causing problems between them.

Bhushan tells Damini they can’t take Gungun. Damini asks if Radha and Mohan fought. Mohit says Radha shouted at Mohan. Damini is happy about this.

Radha looks at Mohan and remembers their times together. When they get home, Radha goes inside. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha is upset. Mohan feels guilty and says Radha might not forgive him. Gungun believes Mohan can make things right with a smile.

Radha asks the Trivedis not to talk to Mohan about the video. Just as Rahul starts speaking, she stops him, saying she trusts Mohan. She believes Damini is behind all the problems. She talks about Damini and the Trivedi house and asks everyone not to ask Mohan about the video. Kadambari compliments Radha.

Damini is unhappy about this. Kaveri tells her that she knew separating Radha and Mohan would be hard. Damini believes they will soon fight and thinks Radha will be upset when she discovers Mohan’s secret.

Radha notices a lipstick mark on Mohan’s shirt. She thinks she hasn’t cleaned it yet. When Mohan sees this, he approaches Radha. She apologizes for hugging him with lipstick and promises to wash the shirt. Mohan wonders about the lipstick since Radha hasn’t worn it since they moved.

Rahul asks Radha if she’s upset about the lipstick mark. Radha says she trusts Mohan and warns Rahul not to cause trouble. Mohan hears them and feels sorry. He wants to protect everything from Damini.

Radha Mohan Written Update 4th October 2023 Episode Review

The themes of trust and lying run deep through this episode. Radha worries about Mohan’s secret job and recalls times when their friends and family were involved. Gungun tries to keep the peace by being a link between the two. It becomes clear that Damini is up to no good and wants to cause problems.

Even though the lipstick mark on Mohan’s shirt could be evidence of cheating, Radha still trusts Mohan completely. But the fact that Mohan is hiding something from Radha makes things more tense. Overall, this episode is a mix of mystery and emotional drama that shows how Radha and Mohan’s relationship is tested by things happening outside of it.

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