Sakshma Srivastav Wiki/Bio,(Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Sakshma Srivastav Wiki: Sakshma Srivastav has made a big name in the Indian entertainment industry. She is a dynamic and multifaceted person. Sakshma was born in Mumbai on February 13, 1998. Her journey shows how hard she works and how talented she is. She was very interested in the performing arts from a very young age. The prestigious Shaimak Davar Institute of Performing Arts taught her to dance, which was the start of a successful career as an artist.

Her desire to learn led her to the University of Mumbai, where she got her business bachelor’s degree. Her artistic talent and academic smarts have been a big part of her career. When Sakshma was 17, she competed in and won the Miss Mumbai Pageant, her first step into the entertainment business. This win helped her get to the 2016 Miss India pageant. Even though she didn’t win the title, it opened many doors for her in the business. Her first acting job was in the TV show Gumraah: End of Innocence, which showed her versatility as an actress.

Sakshma Srivastav Wiki

Sakshma Srivastav Wiki

She became the host and anchor for ZoomTV’s YouTube channel, which was a big step forward in her career. Many people were interested in her interviews with famous people like Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra. The interview she did with her favourite Korean pop band, BTS, made her famous worldwide, though. This interview showed that she can talk to people from all over the world.

Full NameSakshma Srivastav
Date of BirthFebruary 13, 1998
Age25 years (as of 2023)
SchoolingGokuldham High School & Jr. College, Mumbai
Higher EducationUniversity of Mumbai
Dance TrainingShaimak Davar`s Institute of Performing Arts
Pageant ParticipationMiss Mumbai Pageant (Winner, 2015)
Pageant FinalistMiss India (2016)
TV DebutGumraah – End of Innocence (2012)
YouTube Channel StartJanuary 2021
Famous InterviewsBTS, Priyanka Chopra, Robert Pattinson
Social Media InfluenceOver 700k Instagram followers
Nickname‘Sugar’, ‘Sam’
HobbiesTravelling, Dancing
PetsDog lover owns a pet dog
SuperstitionsBelieves in superstitions
Cultural AffinityPassionate about Korean culture
TEDx SpeakerSpoke at the TEDx event in Rambaug (2022)

Sakshma Srivastav Height, Weight, and More

People who like and follow someone care significantly about their appearance, especially in entertainment. Sakshma Srivastav stands out because of her pretty face and graceful ways. She stands tall and strong because she is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. She is more enjoyable on and off-screen because of her dark brown eyes and black hair. Sakshma is in great shape because she sticks to a strict schedule that includes dance classes and other physical activities.

Sakshma Srivastav bio

Her dance background helps her stay in shape and gives her moves a grace that she shows off in public and on screen. She has had to work hard, be talented, and keep going to get where she is in the entertainment business. It’s great that she can work well in various roles, such as hosting, acting, and being a social media influencer. She is famous and good at interviews because she has talked to famous people worldwide.

Height (Approx.)5′ 7″ (170 cm)
Weight (Approx.)55 kg (121 lbs)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
Shoe Size8 US
Dress Size4 US
Physical ActivityRegular Dancing
Diet PreferenceBalanced Diet
Fitness RoutineDance Practices, Gym Workouts

Sakshma Srivastav Career Information

Sakshma Srivastav’s career graph is impressive because it shows a lot of different jobs. Since her first TV show, “Gumraah – End of Innocence,” she has been learning new things. She had a successful career in show business because she won and made it to the finals of beauty pageants. She became even more well-known when she got to talk to many famous people as a host and anchor for ZoomTV’s YouTube channel.

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Her job changed after the interview with BTS, and now she is famous worldwide. She made her own YouTube channel in January 2021 for the next big step in her career. It shows how adaptable she is and how well she can connect with different types of content when she talks about how much she loves Korean food, culture, and travel.

TV DebutGumraah – End of Innocence (2012)
Pageant AchievementsMiss Mumbai (Winner, 2015), Miss India (Finalist, 2016)
YouTube CareerStarted own channel in January 2021
Famous InterviewsBTS, Priyanka Chopra, Robert Pattinson
K-pop AffiliationInterviews with various K-pop bands
Hollywood InterviewsInterviewed actors like Margot Robbie
Ad CampaignsMotorola, Loreal
Travel ExperienceVisited countries like South Korea, France
Cultural InfluenceStrong affinity for Korean culture
Public SpeakingTEDx speaker in 2022
Social Media PresenceOver 700k followers on Instagram
Dance BackgroundTrained at Shaimak Davar’s Institute

Sakshma Srivastav Net Worth Information

Sakshma Srivastav’s net worth shows how successful she has been in many entertainment business areas. She makes money in many ways, such as as a TV host, anchor, and YouTube content creator. Some of her other sources of income come from appearing in ads for companies like Motorola and Loreal.

Sakshma Srivastav’s path in the entertainment business is one of love, hard work, and constant change. From her early days as a dancer to now as a famous host and social media star, her career path is an inspiration to many artists who want to follow in her footsteps.

Primary Income SourcesTV Hosting, YouTube Channel
Brand EndorsementsMotorola, Loreal
Estimated Net Worth$1 Million (Approx.)
Income from PageantsMiss Mumbai (Winner, 2015), Miss India (Finalist, 2016)
Revenue from InterviewsInterviews with BTS, Hollywood Actors
Social Media EarningsInfluencer Marketing on Instagram
YouTube RevenueAdvertisements, Sponsored Content
Income from Public SpeakingTEDx Talks
Earnings from Dance PerformancesStage Shows, Events
Luxury ItemsDesigner Clothes, Accessories

10 Interesting Facts About Sakshma Srivastav

  1. Sakshma was a trained dancer by the age of 15.
  2. She won the Miss Mumbai Pageant at 17.
  3. Made her TV debut in “Gumraah – End of Innocence” in 2012.
  4. Interviewed the K-pop band BTS, gaining international recognition.
  5. Launched her own YouTube channel focusing on Korean culture in 2021.
  6. Has a solid social media presence with over 700,000 followers on Instagram.
  7. Spoke at a TEDx event in Rambaug in 2022.
  8. She is known for her love for dogs and often shares pictures with her pet.
  9. She worked as a back dancer with Amitabh Bachchan at the age of 11.
  10. She is passionate about travelling and has visited countries like Germany, South Korea, and France.


Sakshma Srivastav’s story is interesting about determination, adaptability, and success. She used to want to be a dancer when she was young, but now she is a famous TV host and social media star. Her many accomplishments, such as winning beauty pageants, interviewing famous people worldwide, and running her own YouTube channel, show her talent in many areas. Sakshma strongly connects with her viewers, whether they watch her on TV, social media, or YouTube channels. This shows that she can connect with people from all walks of life.

Her love of Korean culture and K-pop has made her well-known among fans of these styles and brought her closer to people worldwide. The things that make Sakshma stand out are her devotion to her job, her flexibility in playing different roles in the entertainment business, and her never-ending drive for excellence.

In this digital age, where online presence and social media are significant for careers, Sakshma has skillfully used these tools to create a solid and exciting persona. The fact that she has a big following on Instagram and exciting videos on YouTube shows that she knows how to use technology to her advantage.

In the entertainment business, Sakshma Srivastav is more than just a name. She is a brand, a role model, and an inspiration to many. Her story shows that if you work hard, are passionate about what you do, and are open to change, you can do great things in your field. Sakshma is still an example for young people who want to make it big in the fast-paced entertainment world, even as she continues to grow and try new things.

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