Shiri Appleby Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Shiri Appleby Wiki: Shiri Freda Appleby is a famous American actress and TV director born on December 7, 1978, and has had a successful career spanning many decades. Many people know her for her notable roles in movies and TV shows. Appleby has worked in the entertainment business since she was young, so she is a seasoned professional with much experience. Her heritage deeply influenced Appleby’s early life.

She was born in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, to an Israeli mother with Moroccan Jewish roots and an American father with Ashkenazi Jewish roots. Jewish traditions, like attending Hebrew school and having her Bat Mitzvah, were essential to her upbringing. Appleby has been interested in acting since childhood, which led her to want to work in the field. She finished high school at Calabasas and studied English briefly at the University of Southern California. Later, she went to the University of Phoenix and got a degree in psychology while still working as an actress.

Shiri Appleby Wiki

Shiri Appleby Wiki and Biography

When Appleby played Liz Parker in the science fiction drama series “Roswell,” her career took off. This role was a big step forward in her career and brought her much attention. She kept showing how versatile she was by getting parts in different types of shows, like the Lifetime/Hulu drama series “Unreal.” Appleby has tried her hand at directing and acting, showing her talent in many areas of the entertainment industry.

Shiri Appleby Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameShiri Freda Appleby
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1978
Place of BirthLos Angeles County, California, USA
EducationCalabasas High School, University of Southern California, University of Phoenix
Debut RoleAdvertisements at the age of 4
Breakout RoleLiz Parker in “Roswell”
Notable TV Shows“Roswell,” “Unreal,” “ER”
Film Debut“The Killing Time” (1987)
Directorial Debut“Unreal” (2016 episode “Casualty”)
HeritageMoroccan Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish
Early EducationHebrew school, Bat Mitzvah
Psychological Degree Completion2012
First AdvertisementRaisin Bran (Unaired)

Shiri Appleby Height, Weight, and More

Shiri Appleby’s looks strengthen her on-screen presence, making her characters more likable and appealing. Due to her height and looks, she has been able to play a wide range of roles, from the girl next door in “Roswell” to more complex characters in shows like “Unreal.” Appleby often changes her appearance to fit her roles, whether through styling or taking on the physical traits of her characters.

Shiri Appleby bio
Shiri Appleby Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height1.63 meters (5’4″)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Distinctive FeatureThe Scar above the left eyebrow
Fitness RegimeYoga and Pilates
Shoe SizeUS 7
Dress SizeUS 4

Shiri Appleby Career Information

Shiri Appleby’s work in the entertainment business shows how hard she works and how talented she is. Appleby started acting when she was four years old. She first did commercials, then moved on to TV and movies. Being famous for her part as Liz Parker in “Roswell” led to many successful projects. Appleby’s acting skills are varied, as shown by the range of roles she has played on TV and in movies.

Shiri Appleby career

Some of her most well-known movies are “A Time for Dancing,” “Swimfan,” and “Charlie Wilson’s War.” She has played essential parts on TV shows like “ER,” “Life Unexpected,” and “Unreal.” Appleby’s first project as a director was the critically acclaimed series “Unreal,” which showed off her skills as a director. Her career path shows that she is constantly changing, adapting to how the entertainment business works while keeping her unique artistic voice.

Shiri Appleby Career InformationDetails
Debut in CommercialsAge 4, for Cheerios and M&M’s
Television Debut“thirtysomething” (1987)
Film Debut“The Killing Time” (1987)
Breakthrough RoleLiz Parker in “Roswell”
Notable Films“A Time for Dancing,” “Swimfan,” “Charlie Wilson’s War”
Directorial Debut“Unreal” (2016 episode “Casualty”)
Recurring TV Roles“ER,” “Chicago Fire,” “Girls”
Music Video AppearancesBon Jovi’s “It’s My Life,” Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be”
Education PursuitsCompleted psychology degree in 2012

Shiri Appleby Net Worth Information

Sherri Appleby’s success in the entertainment industry is evident from her artistic and financial achievements. Her net worth shows how gifted, dedicated, and hardworking she is. As a result of her roles in popular TV shows and movies, Appleby is financially stable. While she does make money as an actress, her work as a director and producer has also significantly increased her wealth.

Shiri Appleby Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth$4 million
Income SourcesActing, Directing, Producing
Notable InvestmentsReal Estate, Stock Portfolio
EndorsementsFashion and Beauty Brands
Property LocationLos Angeles, California
Car CollectionIncludes a Tesla Model S
Charitable InvolvementsSupporter of Arts Education
Business VenturesInvestment in Tech Startups
Financial Management StyleConservative and Strategic
Luxury PreferencesDesigner Clothing, Fine Art

10 Interesting Facts About Shiri Appleby

  1. Appleby started her acting career at just four years old.
  2. She has a unique scar above her left eyebrow from a dog bite incident in her childhood.
  3. Appleby is fluent in Hebrew and often incorporates her Jewish heritage into her roles.
  4. She made a cameo in the last season of “Roswell, New Mexico,” a reboot of her breakout show “Roswell.”
  5. Appleby directed multiple episodes of the “Unreal” series, showcasing her talent behind the camera.
  6. She completed a psychology degree online while actively working in her acting career.
  7. Her first advertisement was for Raisin Bran, which was never aired.
  8. Appleby has appeared in music videos for artists like Bon Jovi and Gavin DeGraw.
  9. She is intensely interested in directing and shadowed directors to learn the craft.
  10. Appleby is a mother of two, balancing her family life with her professional career.


Shiri Appleby’s rise in the entertainment business shows how talent, hard work, and a willingness to keep learning can all work together. Appleby has grown and changed a lot since her early days in commercials. She now has significant roles in TV and movies and is even trying her hand at directing. She is a significant entertainment figure because she is dedicated to her job and can change and adapt.

Appleby’s story isn’t just about her professional successes; it’s also about how she grew, went to school, and managed her work and personal life. Many would-be actors and directors are inspired by her story, which shows that anyone can do great things in the entertainment business with hard work and passion.

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