Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2023 Written Update: Aruna tells Kaashvi to find the truth.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Aruna tells Kaashvi that the bad person has strong friends. Aruna wants her to know the real story. Aruna says, “Meet our lawyer and see my father’s papers. I didn’t do the crime, and I can’t breathe.” Kaashvi calls for a nurse who gives Aruna oxygen. Aruna warns Kaashvi that the bad person is very clever and has hurt many. So, Kaashvi should be careful. Kaashvi is confused about who the bad person is if Aruna did nothing.

Arjun tells his family about a check they had. They need a ‘yes’ from a prominent leader. Nitya says she will help. Kaashvi comes, and Arjun shares the news. Kaashvi says, “well done.”

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2023 Written Update

Nitya asks Kaashvi about her visit to the jail. Kaashvi doesn’t tell about Aruna. She says the visit was good, but she will go again. She is tired and goes inside. Arjun feels something is wrong with Kaashvi and follows her. He asks what’s wrong. She says hearing jail stories made her sad. He tries to cheer her up, saying she looks pretty.

The next day, Mahima tells Nitya they are meeting at 11 am. Nitya has a different idea. Kaashvi talks to a lawyer. The lawyer says Jagdeesh and Aruna will get half each of some property. Kaashvi thinks Aruna is not lying. She remembers someone saying the lousy person is in her family. She thinks it’s Nitya.

Arjun and Mahima want to meet a leader, but he’s not there. Arjun tells Nitya, who says to wait. Kaashvi wonders if she’s right about Nitya. Nitya is a friend of Nayantara. Mahima calms Arjun down. She has an idea to meet the leader at another place. Arjun is happy. Mahima feels she is becoming close to Arjun.

Precap: Kaashvi talks to Birju’s family. She sees Arjun and Mahima in a car, sleeping.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th October 2023 Episode Review

As Aruna reveals that there is a powerful criminal with strong ties, tension, and mystery grow in this episode. Some things happen after Aruna begs Kaashvi for help, and Kaashvi starts to doubt even people close to her, like Nitya. The side story about Arjun and his family asking for permission adds more depth and complexity.

People watching the episode will be on the edge of their seats as personal relationships and deeper secrets are woven together. The ending is exciting because Kaashvi finds Arjun and Mahima in a strange situation, which suggests more surprises will be in the next episodes. This episode looks like it will have both a family drama and an exciting mystery.

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