Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi saves Arjun.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Chanda throws Arjun’s phone onto the bed. Kaashvi calls Arjun, but he doesn’t pick up. Golu’s health is also getting worse. His parents are afraid, so the doctor tells them to go outside and wait.

When Kaashvi goes to the hotel, she is confused about why Arjun is there. She finds out that Chanda is not a florist when she finds out that Chanda booked the room. Arjun tries to escape Chanda but trips and falls on the bed. He gets hit by Chanda. Then, Kaashvi shows up. He asks for help from her. He tells her that he tried to find a florist but couldn’t. Kaashvi asks Chanda who they are. Chanda tells Arjun what to say, and then she tells him to say it.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Arjun tells Kaashvi that she gave him the wrong card. Kaashvi says she knows because she talked to the real florist. Chanda is furious that Arjun left her. Chanda throws Arjun’s shirt at him when he asks for it. The two of them leave the hotel.

Because Arjun’s shirt is torn, people laugh at him. Kaashvi takes him to a store and helps him buy a new shirt. Kaashvi says she will tell everyone how she helped save him. Arjun says she can’t, so he tickles her to make her stop.

Mahima sees this and thinks her plan to get Kaashvi and Arjun into trouble doesn’t work. She doesn’t know what to do. She walks up to them and tells them she’s there to meet Veera.

Golu’s mother calls Kaashvi to tell her that Golu has died. She goes to the hospital to tell Golu’s parents she’s sorry. The doctor says they should have gotten Golu to the hospital sooner. Golu’s mom says no to Kaashvi’s offer to plan his funeral. She tells you to help when they ask.

The people who raised Golu go to the police station. Golu’s mother tells the police officer that Nitya killed her son. She says she won’t attend Golu’s funeral until Nitya is punished. Kaashvi thinks she needs to show Nitya how wrong she is. Golu is gone, she tells Nitya. Nitya tells her that people die every day and to keep her strength.

Precap: Nitya learns that Golu’s mother has said bad things about her. Dadi tells Kaashvi to choose the best thing. Someone asks Kaashvi if Nitya was the reason Golu died.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2023 Episode Review

Several stories happen at the same time in this emotional and dramatic episode. Arjun gets into a tricky situation with Chanda, and Kaashvi rescues him. Mahima is worried because she planned to break them up, but their relationship is getting stronger. In the meantime, the episode takes a sad turn when Golu’s health gets worse, and he dies.

This sad event shows how essential and quick medical care is since the doctor says Golu could have been saved if he had been taken to the hospital sooner. Golu’s parents think that Nitya killed him, so they won’t bury him until she is punished. In the middle of everything, Kaashvi struggles with her feelings and responsibilities.

The episode combines romance, drama, and tragedy well, leaving the audience eager to see what will happen next. Kaashvi’s moral dilemma is exciting. She has to choose between helping Golu’s family and making Nitya realise she made a mistake. The preview shows that there will be more tension, especially about whether or not Nitya will be blamed for Golu’s death. Overall, the episode is an emotional roller coaster that sets the stage for important decisions.

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