Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Update: Abhira decides to confess her love for Arman.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Abhira feels weak and dizzy. Vidya checks if Abhira is okay. Abhira says she feels light-headed. Manish tells Arman to look after Abhira. This makes Ruhi upset. Arman offers juice to Abhira. But Abhira doesn’t want to end her fast. Then, she finds out Arman is fasting, too and feels happy. She asks him why he’s fasting. Arman says he was too busy to eat. Ruhi can’t believe it.

Abhira thinks Arman has feelings for her. When Ruhi checks on Abhira, she says she’s fine and suggests they play rock, paper, scissors. Ruhi is surprised again. Abhira decides she’ll tell Arman she loves him. Sanjay tells Manoj, Manisha, Madhav, and Arman that 50 million rupees are missing from their account. He suspects Manoj and Manisha. Manisha defends herself. Vidya thinks Kaveri took the money. Madhav wonders why Kaveri moved 50 million rupees.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2024 Written Update

Abhira is scared Arman might not feel the same about her. She keeps thinking about him. Arman asks her what’s wrong. Abhira says she wants to do something but is afraid she might mess up. Arman encourages her to speak her mind. Abhira says she’s confused. Arman tells her to do what she feels like doing.

Charu is doing a ritual with Dev and is scared of the Poddars. Dev asks why she’s worried. Abhira sees Dev and Charu. She asks Charu why she’s not being careful. Dev says love should not have fear. Ruhi finds out about Charu and Dev’s secret relationship.

Abhira is lost in thoughts about Arman. Arman tries to talk to her. Abhira is nervous about telling Arman how she feels. She decides to write a letter to him. Charu blames Abhira for keeping Charu’s secret from Arman. She thinks Arman will be in trouble with Kaveri because of Abhira again.

Ruhi finds out Abhira loves Arman and feels uneasy. Abhira and Arman do a religious ritual together. Kaveri says sorry to Ruhi for her past actions. Abhira and Arman finish the ritual. Abhira nearly falls, but Arman catches her. Ruhi feels jealous.

Manish tells Abhira and Arman to pray for each other. Abhira hopes to be with Arman forever. Arman prays for Abhira’s happiness. Abhira looks for a note saying, “I love you.” Ruhi complains to God about Abhira and Arman’s love. She thinks Arman should only love her. Arman asks Abhira what’s troubling her.

Precap: Ruhi tells the Poddars about Charu’s secret. Arman is upset with Abhira and tells her to stay away from him.

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