Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2023 Written Update: Akshara marry Abhimanyu.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suhasini tells Akshara to think about Abhimanyu. She says that Abhimanyu is like a present from God to her. Even today, he helped her and Abhir. Surekha tells Akshara not to think about anyone else but Abhir. Akshara goes home. Manish tells Abhir to give Akshara time to think on her own. She has a big decision to make. Abhir wants to know what will happen if Akshara decides not to marry Abhimanyu. Manish is taken aback. Akshara looks at a picture of Abhinav.

Abhimanyu tells the cop to be gentle with Prashant. He wants to give him a hand. Abhimanyu thinks about Akshara and Abhir a lot. He prays for the day to be more accessible. Akshara rings his phone. She would like to meet. Abhimanyu wants to know if Akshara is considering returning to Kasauli with Abhir.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2023 Written Update

At the park, they meet. Abhimanyu is surprised when Akshara asks him to marry her. People nearby applaud. Parth has upset Mahima. She tells the Birlas that Parth took the CCTV video and deleted it. So, they have no way to stop him. Mahima is in a bad mood. Shivu is a source of worry for her. Arohi says that Mahima should tell Shivu what’s going on with Parth.

Abhimanyu talks with Akshara. He is curious about why she picked him. She says that it’s not just because he likes her. Also, it’s for Abhir. She wants Abhir to get married and have kids. Abhimanyu thinks she might not be able to forget Abhinav. Akshara says they can help each other with the things they are not good at. They decide to tie the knot.

Abhir finds out that Akshara is going to marry Abhimanyu. Abhir is appreciative. When Manjari heard about the wedding, she was happy. She says prayers. Abhimanyu wants Akshara to be glad. Everyone blesses Akshara and Abhimanyu. Muskaan is upset. Kairav tells Arohi that she needs to choose between the Goenkas and the Birlas.

Arohi picks the side of the groom. Abhir doesn’t mind that Abhimanyu is his father. Abhimanyu feels good. Akshara wants a simple wedding next time. Suhasini asks Abhimanyu if she can make him happy. Akshara is taken aback.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th September 2023 Episode Review

In this sad episode, Akshara has to make important decisions about her love life and future. Suhasini tells her that Abhimanyu is a gift from God and that she should consider him a life partner. Surekha, on the other hand, tells Akshara that she should think about Abhir. Abhimanyu worries about Akshara and Abhir and prays that things will improve.

The story changes when Akshara proposes to Abhimanyu in a park, which surprises him and makes people happy. They both tell each other how they feel and decide to marry. Akshara thinks that this marriage will help Abhir have a whole family. Both Abhir and Manjari like the decision.

But there are also some problems. Mahima is mad at Parth because he deleted important CCTV footage, and Muskaan seems upset about the wedding. Arohi is in a tough spot, but she returns to the groom in the end. At the end of the episode, Suhasini asks if Akshara can make Abhimanyu happy, which leaves Akshara stunned. Overall, it’s a very emotional episode with many ups and downs, and important decisions will affect the next episode.

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